Sometimes the obvious relative would be your last choice to raise your children. Don't leave this choice to a judge.

By: Stuart Williams | Estate Planning Lawyer

If you and your spouse were suddenly no longer around to care for your minor children, what would happen?

Without properly appointed legal guardianship, they would end up in child protective services and perhaps foster care while your extended family and other candidates for permanent placement were tracked down. If you've moved to the Lansing area and have no family here, it could take weeks or even months for relatives to get here.

Meanwhile, your children could be in the care of strangers they don't even know - making an already traumatic situation worse. At Family WIlls & Trusts, PLC we understand that many families have moved here for work or school and do not have the luxury of living near the friend or relative who would be their first choice as a guardian.

This is why our clients with young children receive a Free Minor Protection Plan. Our Minor Protection Plans ensure that your children will always be cared for by people they know and that you trust to raise them in a way you approve of.

In conjunction with a plan to ensure your children are always well-cared for, a plan to protect and maximize the value of what your children inherit can be used to provide for them in a way that only you would ... ensuring that the nicer things that only a parent would provide, are not absent from your children's lives as they grow.

‚ÄčAt Family Wills and Trusts, PLC we do more than estate planning, we help families with their personal legal planning in ways that other firms don't. Request more information below or schedule a Personal Planning Session to see how you can benefit from working with us.